Best Gadgets for the Adventurous On the Go Photographer or Videographer

It seems like every day they come out with some new tool or gadget for the photography and film world. As nice and helpful as these tools can be, it can also be a burden to carry around a million different pieces if you are an adventurous photographer or videographer. The less bulky something is, often the better it is for shooting on the go. However, you don’t want to sacrifice quality of an image when you are looking to reduce the weight of your pack. Lucky for you we have put together a list of some great gadgets for the on the go photographer or videographer.

Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage right now due to their reduced size and amazing capabilities. There are still some people who question its function, or feel that there is something lost, but most people are starting to see the benefits. For one, eliminating the need for the internal mirror mechanism allows you to make the body of the camera significantly smaller. The one downside to me is the viewfinder. If you are looking through the viewfinder of a traditional DLSR, you are seeing a mirror image reflected to you. When looking through the view finder of a mirrorless camera you are seeing a video feed, similar to what you see on an LCD screen. This can be hard for some people to adjust to but does not take away from the accuracy of the shot.

Tablet or Action Camera

For those days or short trips where lugging around your camera seems less than desirable, you can often capture high quality footage on the newest tablets or action cameras like the new Samsung 360. These types of cameras capture high resolution footage in a tiny package. Look for features like 4k capabilities and wireless audio pairing. Some people are even replacing their traditional equipment with these new compact, multiuse options.

Flexi Tripod

When you are an adventurous photographer or videographer it is impossible to predict the setting for your next shoot. Often times you are stuck with a very limited amount of even surfaces, or none at all. Getting yourself a tabletop tripod with bendable legs allows you to adjust all three points of contact to create a balanced frame, but also gives you the option to attach it to surfaces in the air. For example, I recently wrapped mine around a tree branch to get the perfect shot while outdoors.

Waterproof Bag

When you hear waterproof bag, this might mean two things. The first bag I want to mention is for all your gear. Having a waterproof bag that fits everything from your camera, to your spare memory cards and cords is important when you are traveling in different climates. Getting stuck in a downpour with all your equipment could mean ruining some of your gear if you aren’t prepared. The other type of waterproof bag you could consider is smaller and for individual electronics. If you plan to do any type of underwater shooting, and you don’t own a waterproof action camera, you can turn your phone or tablet into one with a simple waterproof bag.

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