Nikon D2X Digital Camera

Nikon D2X one of the popular camera

Nikon D2X Digital Camera

Nikon has produced wide range of cameras for the different classes of users. Whether you are an amateur or a beginner or a professional, you can find a suitable digital camera from Nikon according to your requirements and budget. This Digital SLR Camera is among the very popular digital cameras.

This camera features 12.4 mega pixels image sensor. It comes with better battery life than its predecessors and an optional Wi-Fi transmitter. This is real professional camera which is very expensive too. The price is the worth the features provided in this camera.

This camera offers the exceptional combination of extraordinary image quality, high-resolution and high-speed. D2X is loaded with all those features which a pro photographer expects from a high-end digital camera. It enhances the use experience.

Its CMOS image sensor delivers the stunning images with high resolution and sharp details which is a basic requirement for professional assignments. This camera features a new 2.5 inch LCD screen with a 1700 wide viewing angle and a High-speed Crop Mode.

This digital SLR camera is designed with very advanced technology that helps unleash the creativity. It offers the option of remote control. It features the WT-2A Wi-Fi transmitter which enables full wireless remote control and transmission. Another unique feature of this camera is i-TTL Speedlight technology which offers creative options for lighting.

The versatility and option for creativity this camera offers is exceedingly amazing. This camera is among the first choice of professionals. This 12.4 MP camera and capture JPEG or RAW images at a rate of 5 frames per second using continuous shooting mode. It has an efficient viewfinder which superimposes the mask over the cropped area.

This digital camera has multi-Cam2000 high speed AF system with eleven autofocus sensors. It offers improved subject acquisition and tracking capabilities, controls Lock-on focus tracking. This feature makes it easier to adjust shooting for different types of scenes.

This Nikon D2X features Nikon’s 1,005 pixel RGB Exposure/color matrix metering sensor.

This camera offers other fun features also. You can trim the images in the camera and it can merge up to 10 images. There is black and white color mode also for the people who love to play with film photography.

If you are planning to buy this digital SLR camera, make a search online for the most competitive prices for this gadget.


This surpasses the D2H and its successor the D2Hs by providing 5 frame/s at 12 megapixels, and 8 frame/s at 6.8 megapixels with its high speed crop mode. In high speed crop mode the camera sacrifices pixels in favour of speed and crops the image to 50% of a 35 mm frame to enable continuous shooting at 8 frames per second (vs. 5 frame/s at full resolution).

It incorporates some other innovations such as refinements of the metering and autofocus systems. At the same time the camera is able to make use of virtually all of Nikon’s F-Mount lenses including most legacy lenses. It has a rated shutter life of 200,000+ images, which is generally double or triple than less costly cameras.[citation needed]

Very High Quality

It is one of very few cameras with a built-in “third-eye” which records the color of ambient light, giving the D2X an additional tool to accurately compute the white-balance for each image, instead of relying on calculations based only on subjects within the picture frame.

At the time of its release it had the highest concentration of pixels (pixel pitch) of any Nikon SLR Cameras made. While its resolving capabilities are impressive, the very small resulting pixel size puts the camera at a disadvantage when working in low light by introducing slight noise in underexposed areas. Fortunately, this has excellent noise reduction software built into the camera, so its images reflect the very high quality one would expect from an expensive digital SLR.

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