Nikon D500 – The Replacement

Nikon D500

Nikon D500

According to rumors, the Nikon D500 is expected to replace the Nikon D300.

Would it be a good idea to wait for the next model to come out?

Maybe you are thinking of buying a new camera, and wondering if it is the right time to buy. Maybe it would be a better idea to wait a bit until a new model comes out, like this camera for example, which according to rumors could replace the D300 and the D300s.

Many people live with this fear, what if the next model comes out next week, just after I bought this one. This same frustration is the case with many electronic devices at this moment.

To make it all even more confusing, the modern digital photo cameras are now also full functional HD video cameras like Nikon D400, even with an external audio input.

The Right Kind of Features

Do you know what you want? Are you looking for a Photo camera or do you want to do video too. What kind of production do you want to make? Do you know what specifications you really need for the purpose you are going to use the camera for. Then it doesn’t matter as much any more, because you will simply get the model that does the job.

Most people don’t even know what all the features of the camera even mean. So chances are they will never use these so called break trough functionality.

Lets have a look at the features and based on that what could be improved on future models. And more importantly would you really need these new improvements?

Upto 8 frames per second continuous shooting.
Remark: This might get a bit faster in the D500.
High quality video including an external stereo microphone input.
Super advanced autofocus system.
Nice large and bright viewfinder.
Remark: Maybe a bit bigger, not necessary but would be nice.
12.3 million Pixels
Remark: In most cases this is more than enough, could be a bit more in future models.

Advanced automatic scene recognition.
Remark: Only interesting for non professional purposes, the more
advanced photographer will choose the scenes manually.

Compact Flash and SD memory card slots.
Remark: Could be handy two slots, doesn’t make sense to improve more.
Magnesium alloy body, light weight and strong.
Remark: Not much improvement here.
Easy to operate live view modes, to see what you are doing while shooting.
Remark: Very handy feature, must stay in next model.
Advance Built-in flash system that can command wireless lighting.
Energy efficient.
Remark: might be improved even more.
HDMI output, for high quality HD video.
Remark: nothing to improve here.

The Trend

The current trend in the digital photography market is that it gets better and better and at the same time cheaper. This trend can not go on forever, because its will get harder and harder for the manufacturer of cameras to make any profits this way.

So the problem for digital camera buyers is very much a like computer buyers. What if the next model comes out just after you bought your camera. Especially because the next model might be cheaper and better. That’s the main reason so many people are searching the internet for next models like this camera.

From a marketing point of view it makes sense to keep on bringing new models on the market. It will for sure increase sales, some clients will buy another camera just to have the latest model. Not because they really need the new features on the new model.

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